An Open Letter to Orange County Supervisor Andrew Do

Dear Supervisor Andrew Do, 

We are writing to express our disappointment in using your position as a public official on Wednesday, Dec. 20 to call for the firing of LAist reporter Nick Gerda, over his reporting on your  approval of awarding public dollars to a nonprofit run by your daughter.

As the OC Register Editorial Board has now shown, your statement uses a minor technical glitch in one of the nonprofit filings to falsely claim that Gerda forged the document.

Journalists would not be doing their job if they did not constantly call attention to suspect public contractor relationships such as yours.

Your comments are a disservice to not only the journalists who watch dog the county, but also to the public you were elected to serve. 

We expect more from our public officials, and seriously urge you to apologize.


The Orange County Press Club Board of Directors


Brandon Pho

Daniel Langhorne

Caitlin Antonios

Kathy Hobstetter

David Young

Patty Marsters

Breeana Greenberg

Jackie Moe

Clara Beard

Andrew Turner

Spencer Grant

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