Statement Concerning the SCNG Guild Walkout

Dear members,

Tomorrow, journalists from 11 newspapers across Southern California are walking out of their newsrooms in protest of stagnant wages, while their corporate owners spend money to acquire more newsrooms. Alden Global clearly has capital; they’re choosing not to invest it in the employees who make their products possible.

The workers’ message has been clear: Their cost of living has gone up while waiting as much as 20 years for a raise – and they cannot afford to wait much longer.

The Orange County Press Club’s Board of Directors stands with these journalists and their labor union, Southern California News Group (SCNG) Guild, in their efforts to secure the fair contract they deserve.

We urge SCNG executives to come to the table with a proposal that is fair for everyone.

In the meantime, SCNG Guild has been raising funds for workers who may be financially impacted by the walkout.

We encourage you to make a contribution to help our fellow corps members in a time of need. Click here to donate.

Best Regards,

The 2023-24 Orange County Press Club Board of Directors

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