An Open Letter to Melissa Evans, Long Beach Post Management

Dear Melissa Evans,


We seriously urge you and Long Beach Post management to reverse your decision to lay off nine employees of the Long Beach Post and Long Beach Business Journal on Friday, all of whom were working toward voluntary recognition of the Long Beach Media Guild, a unit of Media Guild of the West.

It is our understanding that earlier this month, management had planned seven layoffs, but put this plan on hold in response to a letter from staff. 

We find it concerning that this number increased on Friday after the formation of the union, with additional layoff notices sent to workers who were central to the unionization efforts and were assured prior to the union drive that their positions were safe.

This leaves the Long Beach Post newsroom – and the metropolitan area that relies on the organization – with just three reporters. 

We urge you to take a serious look at the union’s proposed cost-saving measures in lieu of the layoffs, in light of your decision to lease a $6,000 per month office in Downtown Long Beach and grant yourself a raise on Dec. 1, according to the Long Beach Media Guild.

We agree with the Guild that this constitutes an act of retaliation and support their filing of an unfair labor practice claim with the National Labor Relations Board.

We trust that you will do the right thing.


The Orange County Press Club Board of Directors


Brandon Pho

Kathy Hobstetter

Daniel Langhorne

Patrice Marsters

David N. Young

Andrew Turner

Jackie Moe

Clara Beard

Spencer Grant

Breeana Greenberg

Caitlin Antonios


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