Board of Directors

Here are the 2019-20 Orange County Press Club Board of Directors members.

Roger Bloom

Roger is a communications consultant whose 30-year OC journalism career includes editing positions at the Daily Pilot, OC Business Journal and OC Register. He is founding editor of the Newport Beach Independent and former president of the OC Press Club. He has enjoyed being part of the board over the past several years and has worked to continue the awards contest, gala and scholarship program. Going forward, he would like to work with others on the board who are interested in giving more support to journalists, bloggers and community activists in protecting public access and First Amendment rights.

Alma Fausto

Alma has served as an OC Press Club board member for four years. She has helped organize various events, namely the annual Journalism Awards Gala and in awarding scholarships to high school and college students. She has been a reporter at the Orange County Register over the last six years and has covered crime and public safety for a majority of that time. She believes strongly in supporting young journalists and students and she is passionate about the OC Press Club mission despite the obstacles produced by an ever-changing industry. She would like to keep motivating young journalists to join the club so that they can connect with and learn from industry professionals who have been through many ups and downs. As a member of the OC Press Club, she has been connected to reporters, editors, communications professionals, professors and others who she may not have known otherwise ands would like to help more people do the same.

Hannah Fry

Hannah has served as an OC Press Club board member for three years. During her time, she has helped organize events such as the annual Journalism Awards Gala and has selected deserving high school and college students for scholarships. She started her journalism career at the Daily Pilot in 2013 before going to the Los Angeles Times where she now covers breaking news across California. She believes strongly that the future of journalism and those who are passionate about the profession remains strong despite the industry’s challenges. She says the OC Press Club helped launch her career and she would like to help others as they make their transition into the world of professional journalism. 

Kathy Hobstetter

Kathy is an international journalist and has been an OC Press Club board member for four years. Her publication, the iJump Sports Business Journal, has always been based in Orange County. The journal covers the international show jumping horse business, which has a financial impact of millions on the economy and the people and businesses who are in the sport. She has lived in Orange County since 1965. She enjoyed promoting and writing about a wide variety of subjects and she wrote extensively as a freelance journalist before opening her own magazine. She wants to continue bringing positive energy and enthusiasm to the Press Club and to the journalism industry. Also, her journalism ties connect with her mother, Violette Murphy, who was one of the first journalists in the world who went to jail in 1961 for refusing to reveal a news source, which was groundbreaking at the time.

Patty Marsters

Patty has served on the board of the Orange County Press Club since 1998, acting in many roles, including president and secretary. For the past few years, she has focused her organizational skills on putting together the annual Excellence In Journalism contest. Her “day job” is associate editor of OC Weekly, a publication she joined as an intern in 1995. She also mentors aspiring writers and editors at Newport Harbor High School and co-leads a multilevel Girl Scout troop. In her spare time, Patty reads for fun, creates baked goods, and rants at inanimate objects (such as her computer) about her grammatical and writing pet peeves. She prefers writing in the first person, but uses third person for these sorts of biographies. She lives in Orange with her two daughters, two cats, and a very old goldfish named George.

Daniel Langhorne

Daniel moved to Orange County from his hometown of Santa Barbara in 2008 to attend Chapman University. He wrote for the college newspaper, The Panther, for nearly four years before obtaining a bachelor’s degree in political science and English with an emphasis in journalism. While attending Chapman, he started interning at the Orange County Register as a community blogger in Orange. In October 2012, he was hired as a staff writer covering Orange and Villa Park. He went on to cover the Nixon Presidential Library & Museum as well as housing, development, education, water and local politics in other Orange County cities. Since leaving the Register in 2015, he has written for Law360, the Foothills Sentry, the Newport Beach Independent, the Laguna Beach Independent, Los Angeles Times Community News,, and the California Business Journal. He is currently managing editor for the Laguna Beach Independent and engagement editor for the nonprofit newsroom, the War Horse. As an Orange County Press Club scholarship winner, he believes the press club plays an important role in fostering the next generation of journalists because the world needs journalists more than ever.

Bradley Zint

Bradley is a freelance journalist based in Orange County. Most of his full-time newspaper career was spent writing and editing at the Daily Pilot, part of the Los Angeles Times Community News division, in Orange County. He has also worked at newspapers in Long Beach, Massachusetts and Alaska, covering every topic possible (even fishing) that wasn’t sports. Now he keeps a busy freelance schedule and works full-time in marketing. In his role at the press club, he focuses on the annual awards dinner and organizing events for working journalists.

David N. Young

David is a working journalist and internationally recognized public affairs strategist who has worked in a variety of public capacities throughout his career. Currently, he is an editor with Community Media Corporation and has formerly served as editor of the Catalina Islander, the Seal Beach Sun and other publications. Based for many years in Washington, D.C., he now lives and works in Southern California. As a strategist, has counseled local, state, and federal agencies, Fortune 500 companies, public officials and nonprofits. He was awarded the journalism award in high school, the telecasting innovation award in college and was first named to Who’s Who in America in 1994.  He attended the LSU School of Journalism and studied broadcasting at the University of Southwestern Louisiana. His work has been recognized by the U.S. Department of Commerce, the U.S. State Department, the U.S. Information Agency and others.